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What is Piecing by Appliqué?

How do I make one of these quilts? 

Click on a photo on the right for an overview of a method.  

How should appliqués be stitched?

Who invented this method?

What is the Squares on Fusible Interfacing method
for watercolor quilts?

How do I add borders?

How do I stack layers, quilt, and bind?

How do I make throw pillows (cushions)?

Mondo Bag Revision Sheet

Download Mondo Bag Revision Sheet.

Cell Bag Resizing Sheet

Download Cell Bag Resizing Sheet.

Smart Bag Variations Sheet

Download Smart Bag Variations Sheet.

Double Wedding Ring
Double Wedding Ring


Rob Pete



Love Ring

(Qtr Circles)

Lone Star

Watercolor:  An Easy Approach

Watercolor: An

Easy Approach


Applique Revival



Medley Opus I


Opus I

Kapa Hawai



(Qtr Circles)


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