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Look for the great new video demoing our smart-ease Flying Geese! Click on the first picture and it will take you right to it! More videos throughout our website, and on the Quiltsmart YouTube Channel!

Quiltsmart prints patterns onto lightweight fusible interfacing to make quilting and sewing easier! Accurate printed interfacing + unique modern methods = great results, perfect intersections, beautiful curves without curved piecing, perfect points, and hexagons without inset piecing. Check out The Quiltsmart Methods to see how our sample project, “Mug Mat”, is made – incorporating two of our methods that are also used to make our popular Mondo Bag and Double Wedding Ring. You will love those patterns, our Lone Stars and many more! Easy & Smart!

Let us know if you have any questions. We are happy to help!
-Mattie & the Quiltsmart Team

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