About Us

Hi Quilt Friends!

My name is Mattie Rhoades Haines, and I am the Founder, President and Creative Director of Quiltsmart, Inc. I taught quilting for years and was always frustrated with fussy patterns and sewing methods that were tedious. It is with that feeling that Quiltsmart was born.

One day, I was looking at a Double Wedding Ring quilt on the quilt rack over the couch, and started to see “squares” instead of rings. Soon after, we were printing arcs on fusible interfacing! Next there was a printing machine, then 2, and then a loading dock! It has been a very fun road.

Many other patterns are also now printed on interfacing. Some of our best sellers are Lone Star, Double Wedding Ring, and Mondo Bag. Some of our newest are Clam Shell and Dresden Plate. Quiltsmart’s goal is to make quilting a pure joy, leaving behind the tedious work of the past, and keeping the classic look of the quilts we all love. A benefit of making quilting easier using printed interfacing: it ends up being super accurate! Quilting these traditionally difficult quilts like Lone Star, Mariner's Compass, or Dahlia becomes pretty easy - easy enough for beginners to shine at the quilt guild show-and-tell!

My sweetie, Steve Haines and I run the business from beautiful Bend, Oregon where it is sunny over 300 days a year! We print interfacing, make new patterns, and travel to teach and spread the pure Joy of quilting.

We encourage and support quilting teachers and shops who offer classes in our techniques.

With Joy,

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