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The Quiltsmart Methods

Using Quiltsmart's printed fusible interfacing and a technique called "double appliqué", make classic quilts EASILY! "Back in the day", patterns were made by tracing the pattern piece (let's say a circle) to muslin, stitching the circle and the muslin right sides together ("double" fabrics), turning through a slit in the muslin, finger pressing, pinning and hand-stitching to a background.

Today we have printed fusible interfacing - so, there is no tracing and no pinning! Quiltsmart has patterns with curves and insets, but no curved piecing or inset piecing (Y seams). Quiltsmart printed interfacing also allows you to make half-square triangles or diamonds with ease.

In our store, check out the pattern back covers to see a quick review of the methods used for that pattern. Our methods are listed below with a few examples of patterns using those methods.

Quiltsmart Methods Mug Mat Project

Receive a free Mug Mat project panel with every order.
Looking to give Quiltsmart a try? Email us at info@quiltsmart.com with your address for a free Mug Mat Project panel.

Mug Mat is 2-sided, so it is reversible! One side is a circle zigzagged to a background, the other side is a "9-patch grid".

Materials Needed

  • (9) 2.5" Squares - Our Mug Mat has 5 of one color and 4 of another
  • (1) 6.5" Square for Circle Side Background
  • (1) 5" Square for Circle
  • (1) 6.5" Square of Batting - Fusible fleece is nice and easy

Mug Mat Circle Side (Quiltsmart Double Appliqué Method)

  1. Cut around circle, leaving a generous margin. Slit center for turning.
  2. Stitch on the solid line, overlapping beginning stitches. Trim on dashed line.
  3. Turn right side out. Finger-press. Use a pointer-creaser to round and smooth edges. Be gentle and push under the seam, against the fabric, not the interfacing.
  4. Fuse circle to 6.5" background. Zigzag around circle edges - 1.5 mm width / 2.5mm length (or, what suits you!), just skimming the needle along the edge of the circle into the background. Place batting on wrong side of the zigzagged circle block.

Mug Mat 9-Patch Side (Quiltsmart Grid Method)

  1. Cut out interfacing just outside of dotted lines. Place (9) 2.5" squares as desired on the interfacing. Fuse fabric right-side up to rough-side of interfacing between the crosses. Leave slight gaps between the squares, so you can see the dotted line.
  2. Fold along either horizontal or vertical rows. Sew on the solid lines.
  3. Clip at each intersection. Sew the vertical or horizontal rows, finger pressing the small seams in opposite (yet consistent in each row) directions while you sew. Press with iron, minding the direction of the seams.

Final Assembly

  1. Put both pieces right-side together. Sew around the edges on the solid lines, leaving a 3" to 4" opening for turning. Turn right-side out, press.
  2. Hand or machine stitch the opening closed. Topstitch if desired. Reverse side shown.

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