Memory Box Pack


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  • Copy your favorite memorabilia to fabric printer sheets, then use them EASILY in a memory quilt. Use vertical and horizontal photos! Or take a picture of something you love and use that! Newly updated to use 2.5" strips*!
  • METHOD:  "Fuse, Fold, & Sew". Perfectly-matched intersections, easy construction!
  • Bag bottom is about 10" square with 17" tall sides.
  • FIRST TIME USERS - Purchase this "Pack" first which includes instructions and interfacing!  Additional panels are available separately for more bags.
  • Comes in a 9" x 9" pack with 5 panels of interfacing & instructions. Two layouts included - Small - 2 panels (12 photos) or Lap- 5 panels (30 photos).  Or you can create your own size like I did in the large one for my mom (54 pictures - she kept asking me if she could put more in it).  6 blocks per panel.

*UPDATED INTERFACING - As of Jan, 2019 we have updated the interfacing to make this quilt even easier, and it is 2.5" strip friendly.  You can still use our 1" grid, or the newly updated "Memory Box" interfacing panel.

VARIATION: After you stitch the individual blocks tilt some of them just a tad and square up.  You will need to make all of your blocks the same size before stitching them together. A square ruler is helpful.  The blocks will be smaller, but they are really cute tilted - see Coco's quilt in the pictures.  On some of them, I added a little fabric along two of the sides on some of the blocks in order to make this work which was dependent on how much I tilted it.  And, dont' forget the Chatter Boxes - they are darling on this quilt! 

CLICK on the IMAGE to the left, then click through the side arrows (use your cursor to hover over the side of the image) to see enlargements of the thumbnails below!


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