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A Quilter in the Kitchen


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Love to sew, hate to cook?
Stay home, cook & SEW!
Stress-free “stash” recipes!
PERFECT gift for a quilter friend!

Beginner friendly!  60+ recipes with color photos, 160+ tips, 60+ illustrations..... and lots of smiles!

Do you need this book? If you answer “YES” to any of the questions below, then this book is for YOU! 
  • Are you more comfortable sewing vegetable print fabric than fixing vegetables for dinner?
  • Do you think “rotisserie” is the French word for “rotary cutter”?
  • Does your iron have more steam than you do at meal time?
  • Are pickles a vegetable at your dinner table?Is your idea of a ‘green salad’ one that involves a small box of green gelatin and boiling water?
  • Do you keep the fire extinguisher on the kitchen counter for quick access?
Mattie Rhoades, founder & creator of Quiltsmart, Inc, struggled with cooking for years - until her cousin, Mary Ann Donnelly, convinced her to try a new approach. Mattie writes with honest delightful humor about her reluctant journey into the kitchen - hoping you will be inspired to be as creative in the kitchen as you are in the sewing room. Quiltsmart, founded in 1993, is known for patterns printed on fusible interfacing and fabric. Double Wedding Ring, Lone Star, Mondo Bag, Pretty Smart Apron, Market Bag, & Face Masks are a few of the popular patterns made easy with Quiltsmart methods and printed patterns. Easy, Fast & Smart - just like the recipes in this book!

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A Quilter in the Kitchen

QUILTSMART - Established 1994