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Gamequilt Pack


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  • DELIGHT a child! Drop it on the floor or a Twin Bed and this quilt will attract children like a magnet!
  • Pack includes step-by-step illustrated instructions and all the fusible interfacing you'll need for one quilt!
  • Two great little BOOKLETS, "GET READY to PLAY" (cutting instructions & umber of game pieces - ideas on what to use such as buttons, etc) and...
  • "HOW-TO-PLAY" - the instructions on how to play the games!!  How Fun is that?
  • Also instructions to make a cute little bag for the game pieces.
  • We have it all thought out!  You just pick fabric.  I know, fun, right?

TIP:  For your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc quilt you will not need to buy the pack - just get the REFILL PACK!