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58" Lone Star Pack


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  • 58" Lone Star is super fast and accurate! The intersections match without even trying.
  • METHOD:  "Flip & Stitch" - this is EASY!  Just fuse, stitch, and flip for perfect matching pieces! No inset piecing! Only straight strips to cut - no angles or diamonds! Perfect intersections and beautiful points!
  • Blue & Green quilt made by Mark Lipinski (holding it) from his gorgeous line of fabrics.  Thanks Mark!
  • FIRST TIME USERS - Purchase this "Pack" first which includes instructions and interfacing!  Additional panels are available separately for more projects.
  • Comes in a 9" x 12" pack with 8 panels of interfacing & instructions to make (1) 58" Lone Star. Makes a 58" star for a large lap, twin, or queen size.
CLICK on the IMAGE to the left, then click through the side arrows (use your cursor to hover over the side of the image) to see enlargements of the thumbnails below!


VARIATION: Advanced quilters or those wanting a little bit of a challenge - check out our FREE DOWNLOADS (turquoise button on Home page) for these variations and more info:
FEATHERED STAR VARIATION (the red and white quilt in the images to the left)  - This printable gives you the yardages and cutting and some tips for making the 58" Lone Star Feathered Star Variation. Featured in the bed shot also are North Star Pillow Shams with a Split Diamond border.
SPLIT DIAMONDS METHOD - This printable shows you how to make the Split Diamonds, which can be used with any of the following patterns: 38" Lone Star, 58 Lone Star", or Broken Lone Star. 

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