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Mariner's Star Pack


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           Mike's Favorite
  • A spectacular combination of our 38" Lone Star & Mini-Mariner's Compass (the equivalent of 2 compasses).  The intersections match without even trying.
  • METHOD:  "Flip & Stitch" - this is EASY!  Just fuse, stitch, and flip for perfect matching pieces! No inset piecing! Only straight strips to cut - no angles or diamonds! Perfect intersections and beautiful points!
  • Curved edge variation.
  • FIRST TIME USERS - Purchase this "Pack" first which includes instructions and both interfacing designs!  Additional panels are available separately for more projects.
  • Comes in a 9" x 12" pack with 4 panels of 38" Lone Star interfacing & 4 panels of Mini-Mariner's Compass, and instructions. Makes (1) 40" star.
NOTE:  This pattern is listed in our 2.5" strip friendly section, and all can be cut from 2.5" strips except the Outer and Inner Arcs, and the Cardinal Points.
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